CALL OUT: Show solidarity with Glasgow Palestine Action

MASS CALL OUT: Glasgow Palestine Action has shut down Thales UK who make components for drones. They need us to go down and show solidarity with them and the people of Gaza. The factory is at 1 Linthouse Rd, Govan, … Continue reading

Glasgow Palestine Action Shut Down Drone Manufacturer!

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE Glasgow Palestine Action Shut Down Drone Manufacturer A group of activists from Glasgow Palestine Action network have today shut down Thales UK, the weapons systems manufacturer, in Govan, Glasgow. The activists climbed onto the factory roof, … Continue reading

Statement on the Morning Star’s suppression of domestic violence allegations

Originally posted on IWW Scotland:
The Clydeside branch of the Industrial Workers of the World fully supports one of its members, Rory MacKinnon, in his dispute with the Morning Star. Fellow worker MacKinnon was disciplined by the Morning Star for…

Tony Blair, Holy Man Of War.

      He's at it again, Britain's own fundamentalist holy man, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, is spouting, we need to put troops on the ground in Iraq. Well Tony, get your gun and go, leave the rest of us to resist this eagerness to enter another bloodbath in Iraq, and else where. We have shed innocent blood in Iraq before, in the 1920's and again in 2003. This Christian fundamentalists  seems to have some sort of psychological fixation with sending young members of the British working class to kill and be killed in some vision of a mythical moral high ground.

      This devout Christian holy man has done very well out of his, "Labour politics", and war crimes, and now flies around in a £30 million hired private jet. His fortune is stated to be in excess of £75 million and growing, but is considered by many, very many, to be a war criminal. This is the type of individual that the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, continue to interview and quote, as if their words were profound and rational, it's celebrity politics.

      No doubt the other war mongering millionaires in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, will be delighted at his latest Christian mutterings of "send in the troops".
      We can expect nothing but foreign wars and more young innocent blood to flow, as long as we tolerate the Blair, Cameron, Osborne, etc. dangerous puppets of the financial Mafia to control our lives. Our "friendly" interference in Iraq and elsewhere has left millions living in squalor, deprivation and fear, and according to the imperialists, all for their own good. When will we end this charade.

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Events from the 24th September onwards

Hi all, An interesting week in politics. We’ve had a spike in interest in this list over the past week. You can find the details on how to sign up at the bottom of this mail, so if you know … Continue reading

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THE MINERS AGAINST THE STATE – THE 1984-85 STRIKE AND BEYOND 7.30pm Thursday 25th September 2014 Augustine Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh Remembering the...

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The White Knight Of British Imperialism.

      Our British imperial state is gearing up for another military outing. This time on the myth of our high morality and ridding the Middle East of its bad men. There is no doubt what so ever that ISIS is a very brutal, fundamentalist religious group, but they are not alone, nor are they unique. The myth that helps to put the British imperial state, on the high moral ground is the one that, as the biggest empire the world has known, we willing helped put our colonies on a democratic footing when they were ready to look after themselves. 
      The truth of course is that we could show the ISIS mob a thing or two about brutality. As the people of our colonies fought to rid themselves of the exploiting, brutal British empire, we turned really nasty. The colonies emerging into the world, free from the British empire, paid dearly for their desire to be free. 

 Something to smile about.

         Aden, in what is now Yemen, an important port to the British empire, in 1960 it became known as the Aden emergency, as the locals were determined to rid them selves of their brutal imperial overlords, the British, they organised strikes demonstrations and protests and resulting riots. To sort this out the British set up torture centres. In these centres prisoners were held in refrigerated cells, bring about frostbite, and pneumonia, among other problems. It was not uncommon for prisoners to have their genitals crushed by guards hands, cigarette buts to be stubbed out on their naked flesh, to mention just some of the brutality inflicted on people seeking independence from the British state. Amnesty International in 1966, issued a report on this barbaric treatment, creating international outrage. The British imperial state had been rumbled. In the face of international condemnation, it apologised, but continued useing the torture centres for another year. 

        Amritsar, India, 1919. The people of that area, men, women and children, on April 13, 1919, pissed off by the brutish rule of the British imperialists, decided to march in a peaceful protest to the walled Jallianwala Gardens, there they hoped to make their voices heard. Late afternoon the troops blocked the exits of the gardens, and then opened fire on the protesters, they kept firing until they ran out of ammunition. The total deaths from ten minutes of relentless rifle fire varies from 379, to 1,000, with more than 1,000 injured. More than 100 women and children sought safety in a well, and drowned. Back here in Britain, the man responsible, Brigadier Reginald Dyer, was labelled, "the man who saved India". 

       The catalogue of British brutal imperialism is endless. We could go on and on. In the 1920's, the crushing of Iraq. The Boer war, where 10% of the entire Boer population died in British imperialist concentration camps, among them 22,000 children.

A Reminder.

       And now we are supposed to swallow the British state, painting its armour white and riding out on its white charger, with its white knight companion America, as the saviours of the Arab world. You and I know, the British state doesn't give a shit about the people of the Arab world, they have other motives.
     For more on the British imperialists morality, you could visit, 10 Evil Crimes Of The British Empire.

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Dave Douglass And The Miners Strike.

    I doubt if there is anyone, with even a passing interest in UK politics, who hasn't heard or read about the 1984/85 miner's strike. An event that lasted approximately a year, during which time the British state threw its full force of repression against the striking miners. It tried every tactic in its arsenal, short of tanks in the mining villages and towns, to crush the resistance of the miners. This epic working class struggle should not be forgotten, to this end several groups are organising and co-sponsoring a talk and discussion by Dave Douglass, a miner who was there.
     There will be an event to mark this struggle, organised by the Clydeside General Members Branch of the International Workers of the World and co-sponsored by Glasgow Anarchist Collective, Glasgow Anarchist Federation, Radical Independent Bookfair, and Spirit of Revolt. It will be held on Wednesday, September 24th. 7pm to 9pm, in the Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street Glasgow, and is a free event. Carrington Street is between Great Western Road and West Princes Street, not far from St George's Cross. There will also be stalls and displays, an event not to be missed
       Come along, hear about your history, and add your stories and opinions.

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Don’t Mourn. Organise.

Yesterday Scotland voted against independence. Today half the country are mourning, their hopes of a new state and it’s social democratic promise dashed. The other...

Tomorrow’s World Is Yours.

      So in spite of the YES camp's abundance of hard work, hope, belief and enthusiasm, the polls were mostly right in their predictions. So the bubble burst, but to all those thousands of activists how worked their socks off for a better world, all I can say is don't sink back into the swamp of anonymity. You raised you voice from a whisper to a roar, and you rocked the establishment, you have already changed this country, you can continue to change this country. Don't withdraw and leave it to the parasitic political class that inhabit that imperialist edifice, the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption. Stay alive, keep the networks going, stay on the streets, in the schemes, in the villages and towns, stay in the melting pot of ideas, always putting in you own personal contribution. You caught the attention of the world because you were creating cracks in one of the world's leading imperialist powers, that is a victory. Don't withdraw from the struggle and allow the establishment to patch up, and cover over those cracks. Think of that feeling of solidarity and companionship you felt as you made new friends, savoured new experiences, and wove greater dreams. You have lit a fire, help it spread, tomorrow is your world, you must shape it now.

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