Resistance Special: Against War

Resistance Special: Against War (pdf) This bumper issue of Resistance is dedicated to resistance to wars and those who profit from them. A special focus is given to the way in which WW1 remembrance is being used as a celebration of militarism, … Continue reading

Events from the 23th April onwards

Hi folks, Here is the weekly events update. In addition to the main events below, it is worth noting that the Open Jar Collective take up residence at Kinning Park Complex for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2014, to … Continue reading

Green Anarchism Talk/Discussion

Wed 16th April 18:45 – 21:00 Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carrington Street, Glasgow, G4 9AJ. Facebook | Map Digger diving, tree sitting, tunnel digging, food growing, primitivist crusties. Kind of sums up many perceptions of green anarchists, but are they true? This … Continue reading

SWP not welcome in Liverpool

Originally posted on Liverpool Class Action:
The SWP found out today that their rape-apologist bullshit has got no place in Liverpool. Their stall outside the NUS conference in Liverpool (it was outside because they’d already been refused entry to the…

Thatcher is still dead, but Thatcherism lives on

Originally posted on Bristol Anarchist Federation:
Exactly one year ago today the working classes of Britain woke up to some of the best news of the year. The Iron Lady has finally bitten the dust! Margaret Thatcher was dead! Jubilant…

Happy Anniversary

One year on and we are still dancing on the grave of the person who spearheaded the destruction of families and communities by destroying industry, Section 28 and caused an undercurrent of fear and hatred that LGBTQ communities still face today, the … Continue reading

Good Heavevs—-!!

Good heavens---!!


The heaven I seek holds no guarded gate
nor boasts no throne on high
has no host on bended knee
no king to call us nigh.

Death shall not be our road of entry
no trumpet blast to show the way,
has no frontier guards for man nor beast
nor some far off judgement day.

The heaven I seek is here and now,
where symbols of power crumble like sand;
standing upright all men shall brothers be,
no one priveleged with high command.

Vibrant life shall be our only passport,
the glorious morning sun our only sign,
with true love of man and beast,
we can have heaven in our time.

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What Do You Do with 500 Tons Of Chemical Weapons?

        Quite recently there was a helluva hullaballoo about Syria's chemical weapons, the self righteous West, demanded the immediate destruction of these weapons, in spite of the fact that America has enough to destroy all life on the planet. This was to show the West being tough with Syria, and also hoping that Syria wouldn't comply, and then we could go in and bomb the shit out of the country.  Of course when Syria complied, the West was left with what to do with all that chemical shit. It is now all off the radar, that babbling brook of bullshit, the media, no longer considers these chemical weapons news. Well what do you with 500 tons of chemical weapons? Well you turn it it sludge and then dump it in the Mediterranean Sea, problem solved. Of course Cyprus and Greece are too too chuffed by this plan, well how would we in the UK feel if it was to be dumped in the Irish Sea? This is the usual short term view that permeates this type of system we live under, all brash gungho, two guns blazing, with no thought of tomorrow.
      This from Xpressed on the Syrian chemical weapons and their destruction:
A threat for fishermen
         The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United States declare that 500 tons of Syrian precursor substances should be dealt with at sea within a couple of weeks, while the final destruction of the American chemical weapons will not be completed before 2023. On land, the US hopes to destroy 3,100 tons within 10 years. At sea they are convinced that they can process 500 tons within four weeks.
      For the time being, a low degree Ro-Ro, the Arc Futura, with a total of 38 deficiencies since 2000 at European ports, is manoeuvring somewhere in the Mediterranean loaded with an unknown amount of chemical weapons. Only when all the facilities of this particular ship are emptied and all the guns are loaded in Arc Futura and another Ro-Ro specialising in car transportation, the US floating factory will take action. In the planning no refuge port has been foreseen, in case there is a major complication during the hydrolysis process on the Cape Ray.
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Who Cares?

A little food for thought.


In a world of

movers and shakers and moonbeam rakers
pimps and dealers and real cool free wheelers
slick fork-tongued entrepreneurs
movin' with glitzy glamorous whores
all with an angle, all with a line,
all goin' t'score real big time.

Who cares about

the heavy hearted mother the anguished young brother
the kid on dope searchin' for hope
the Clydesdie father with the asbestos lung
dumped on life's ladder's lowest rung
the damaged big sister conned by a twister
all trying to live in a system with no give.

Where is

the society the community the neighbouring deed
the thought the act for the other's need
the carers the sharers the giving hand
the dream of all our children's promised land
the open world free from hate
where exploitation is an impossible fate?

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How Much Deeper, How Much Longer?

           It is strange that the majority of people in the West seem to tolerate a system that increases wealth, but in tandem with the increase in poverty for the majority. The number of millionaires increases, millionaires become billionaires, corporate bodies see their coffers bursting at the seams, and yet more and more ordinary people slip further down the slippery slope of poverty. In recent years poverty has galloped at an ever increasing pace across Europe, which is a large slice of the so called affluent West. We have seen Greece descend to the realms of a third world country, Spain, Italy and Portugal are skidding along a few paces behind. It is not just the southern European countries that are seeing their populations being pushed back to the poverty of Victorian times. Ireland is hot on the heels of our southern neighbours, and here in the UK we have seen an explosion of food banks as people struggle to survive. Countries that somehow are not usually associated with poverty, have seen their people slide into the mire and stress of deprivation. Germany, the richest nation in Europe, and one of the richest in the world, has seen poverty spread its tentacles further afield, dragging more of its people into that state of misery and blighted future. The Netherlands, seen as an affluent part of “affluent” Europe, in 2012 saw its biggest increase in poverty since 2008, figures from the national agency Statistics Netherland, show that with a population of less than 17 million, the Netherlands has approximately 1.2 million of its people considered to be living in poverty. The Netherlands has also seen a particularly sharp increase in the number of children living in poverty, while in parallel to this there has been a rise in those affected by longterm poverty. And so it goes on, wealth spewing from this society, straight into the pockets of the already very rich. We continue to create wealth at an astonishing rate, but we continue to see poverty spread further and deeper among the general population. 
        How much longer will we accept this injustice, this blatant exploitation? How much deeper in the mire of poverty will we let ourselves be pushed? How much longer will we tolerate the future of our kids and grandkids being blighted by unnecessary and avoidable poverty? The answer is in our hands, if we want to stop the plundering of the wealth that we produce, if we want to see it spread with more justice and equality, we have to do the changing. We can't expect those rich parasites who gain immense wealth and power from the existing system, to do anything to change it for our benefit. We surely have the imagination and ability to create a society of fairness, all that seems to be lacking is the desire. 
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